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sushi restaurant

Sushi, an iconic symbol of Japanese culture and tradition, has transcended borders to become a global sensation. 

In Atlanta, you have the extraordinary opportunity to savor this culinary artistry and immerse yourself in an authentic Japanese atmosphere at our sushi restaurant.

Whether you are a sushi enthusiast or are going to try Japanese traditional food for the first time, keep reading as this article is your guide to the delightful culinary offerings that await you at Tomo Japanese Restaurant.

Welcome to Tomo Japanese Restaurant, Where Sushi Becomes an Art

At Tomo Japanese Restaurant, we’re more than just a sushi restaurant. We offer artful sushi, personalized service, and the best Sake list in Atlanta.  

Located in Buckhead, our restaurant offers authentic Japanese cuisine with the freshest ingredients in the town.

sushi restaurant

The heart of Tomo is its sushi bar, where our skilled chefs craft each piece with meticulous care and pay homage to centuries-old techniques of the culinary heritage of Japan. 

As you savor authentic sushi, you’ll also enjoy the atmosphere and the welcoming spirit of our staff, who are dedicated to making your sushi dining experience truly exceptional.

The Menu: A Culinary Journey of Freshness and Creativity

Chef’s Menu

Our menu showcases the finest selections of sashimi, nigiri, and maki rolls:


Sashimi (刺身) is a Japanese dish consisting of thinly sliced raw food, usually fish and seafood, often eaten with soy sauce. 

It can be smoothly sliced into different shapes, which requires high knife skills.

Sashimi is not considered to be a type of sushi, since the latter is always made with rice, while sashimi is served on its own. 

There are different types of sashimi, including:

  • Sake (salmon)
  • Maguro (tuna) 
  • Saba (mackerel)
  • Hamachi (Yellowtail)
  • Tako (octopus)
  • Hotategai (scallop)
  • Uni (sea urchin)

For those who appreciate fresh seafood, our sashimi selections are a must-try, served with precision and elegance, allowing you to fully appreciate the flavors and textures of each ingredient. 


Nigiri (握り) is a type of sushi. Therefore, let’s define what sushi (寿司) is first.

Sushi is a popular Japanese dish of prepared vinegared rice or “sushi rice” combined with a variety of ingredients, usually fish or seafood that is often raw. Although there are multiple varieties of styles of sushi, they always include vinegared rice, which requires years of training to master.

Nigirisushi (握り寿司) or Nigiri consists of a base of sushi rice molded by hand with a slice of fresh fish (or other toppings) hand-pressed atop the rice, forming a bite-size piece.

Nigiri can be eaten with chopsticks, but it’s usually eaten by picking it with your fingers. The fish is dipped in soy sauce and then the nigiri is eaten upside down.

Our nigiri offers a perfect balance of flavors and textures, and it’s a great choice for sushi beginners.

Maki Rolls 

Maki (巻き) means “to roll”; hence makizushi (巻き寿司) refers to “rolled sushi”. 

So, maki is a type of sushi (in fact, the most commonly known) where the sushi rice is shaped into a tube by rolling it in a sheet of dry seaweed known as “nori”, with a core of fillings such as seafood or vegetables. The tube is then sliced into bite-sized pieces that are often eaten by hand.

There are various types of makizushi:

1. “Inside” Rolls

Inside rolls are the maki with the rice inside the nori seaweed. In turn, there are three types: 

• Hosomaki: These are thin rolls with only one filling ingredient.

• Chumaki: These are mediumly thick rolls with two or three filling ingredients.

• Futomaki: These are thick rolls, larger, with a variety of fillings.

2. “Inside-Out” Rolls

The inside-out maki is rolled the opposite way, as the rice covers the nori, which in turn wraps the filling ingredients. This type of roll is called “uramaki”.

3. The “Hand” Rolls

This roll is called “temaki”, which is cone-shaped to be held in the hand to be eaten. All the ingredients are inside the cone that is a large nori sheet. 

Those seeking an adventurous sushi experience should try our delicious and visually stunning maki rolls.

Our unparalleled sushi menu variety caters to all palates. Each selection is a work of art, such as our Hanabi Roll and Ocean 6 Roll, or our outstanding Sushi-Sashimi Entrée which includes a spicy tuna roll, 6 nigiri, and 12 sashimi.

Additionally, our restaurant provides our customers with the ultimate sushi experience: the omakase experience.

Omakase, which means “I leave it to you”, is a Japanese dining experience that involves placing one’s trust in the hands of a skilled sushi chef to create a personalized meal. The chef curates a personalized tasting menu based on the day’s freshest ingredients and their own creativity. 

The Ambiance: Immerse Yourself in Japanese Elegance and Tranquility

Our commitment to authenticity extends to every facet, including the sushi restaurant atmosphere

At Tomo Japanese Restaurant, we believe that the ambiance is part of the dining experience, so our Zen-inspired ambiance, traditional decor, and carefully curated selection of Japanese music will transport you to the heart of Japan. 

We invite you to immerse yourself in the delightful environment of a typical Japanese restaurant with the elegant wooden furnishings, and subtle, earthy color palettes of Tomo.

Our Expert Chefs: Masters of the Art of Sushi Making

In Japan, being a sushi chef is highly honorable. The position requires rigorous training, and achieving sushi chef expertise takes around 10 years. 

Among other things, they have to learn how to properly handle fish and perfectly cook sushi rice, as well as master their knife skills. 

Sushi rice is considered the heart and soul of sushi. It requires a deep understanding of the traditional techniques in preparation and practice to achieve the desired level of sourness, sweetness, and saltiness.

That’s why sushi making is a form of culinary craftsmanship, a work of art: Strict discipline and great dedication are essential to achieving a perfect balance of flavors, textures, and presentation, in order to create an exceptional sushi dining experience. 

As you dine with us, you’ll be able to witness the artistry of our chefs in action, transforming the freshest ingredients into masterpieces that showcase their expertise. 

Award-Winning Sake Selection: Elevating Your Dining Experience to New Heights

An exceptional sushi dining experience is not complete without the perfect sake pairing. 

Sake (酒) is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice. It can be served at various temperatures, such as chilled, room temperature, or gently warmed. 

Sake pairing with sushi is ideal as it complements the delicate flavors of sushi like no other. 

There are various types of sake with different flavor profiles, grades, and characteristics. And just as our sushi chefs meticulously craft each piece of sushi, our team has carefully selected sakes that enhance and elevate your dining experience. 

Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through this curated selection so that you can have a memorable sake tasting experience.

Customer Reviews: Hear What Others Have to Say About Their Sushi Adventure with Us

We take great pride in the experiences we create for our guests and the positive feedback that we receive daily. 

Here we’d like to share with you some of our customer testimonials.

“Tomo is a must-visit for any food enthusiast seeking a symphony of flavors and impeccable service. This place deserves every one of its five stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟”_ Lida Turner.

“Amongst the finest sushi available, and what a special location. The room is gorgeous as are the fellow diners, and there is a high chance you are dining next to someone super famous but undercover. The fish is impeccable as is the service. It’s great to eat fine sushi with servers who know the material so well. Very high class, and worth it.”_ Joshua Schiffer.

“Went for Omakase twice! You can pick tiers on how expensive the ingredients will be ~ chef tomo is very charismatic and fun to host too! I enjoyed sharing drinks and our fun conversations! My group enjoyed the events both times~ booking the reservation was easy. I emailed them and they ask for allergies or food sensitivities~ there’s valet parking or just pass them for self parking in the deck.”_ Euphie.

“Great ambiance and quiet enough for having conversations. Sashimi is fresh and delicious. Dessert is also impressive.”_ Allen C.

You can explore more of our sushi restaurant reviews at Google Reviews and discover that our exceptional offerings have left a lasting impression on many customers.

We invite you to join us at Tomo Japanese Restaurant and become a part of our growing community of sushi enthusiasts. It’s our pleasure to provide an oasis where guests can escape the ordinary and experience the Japanese culinary artistry that has earned us loyal patrons. 

Visit Us Today: Indulge in the Delights of Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Our Sushi Restaurant!

Sushi, with its different varieties and serving methods, is a staple of the Japanese culture. And at Tomo Japanese Restaurant, we are committed to preserving the essence of Japanese cuisine and the artistry of sushi.

Our skilled chefs will transform the freshest ingredients into masterpieces before your eyes, while our staff will strive to offer you impeccable service to create an unforgettable dining experience. 

Visit us at 3630 Peachtree Rd NE Suite #140, Atlanta. We look forward to sharing a sensory voyage to Japan with you. 



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