Omakase – meaning “I’ll leave it up to you” in Japanese – is the ultimate experience. Consisting of a curated tasting of the chef’s choice of fresh sushi and whatever the chef believes you would enjoy the most, Omakase is always a special treat here at Tomo. 

Chef San serves contemporary Japanese food with a focus on the absolute freshest and best quality ingredients from around the world. Something unique Chef San has been doing is allowing you to set your budget, starting at $250/person and up, and Chef San will create a personalized menu for you. Something diners truly enjoy is how Chef San engages with the customer and will talk you through each dish – his passion for what he does truly shines. 

Come and experience the best of Japan at Tomo in Atlanta.  Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience with us, make your reservation at any time and we’ll answer as soon as possible!

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